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Timkat Festival & Omo Valley Tour (Jan.18-28)
Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany) is a very important celebration of Ethiopian Orthodox Christian followers. It is the most colorful and greatest festival of the year, falling on 19 January, just two weeks after Genna. Church Celebration It is actually a three day affair, beginning on the eve of Timkat with dramatic processions (Ketera), when the priests remove the tabots (replicas of the tablets which were written by finger of God and given to Moses) from each church and bless the water of the pool or river where the next day's celebration will take place.

The following morning, the great day itself, Christ's baptism in the River Jordan by John is commemorated. The water is blessed and sprinkled over everyone in a ceremony where the faithful renew their vows to the church. The third day is devoted to the archangel St. Michael, one of Ethiopia's most popular saints.

Everyone, men, women, and children appear splendid for the three day celebration. Dressed in the dazzling white of the traditional dress, the locals provide a spectacular beauty to the colorful ceremony. Join the group.

Arrive in Addis Ababa and be transferred to your hotel.
Half day city tour in the morning. In the afternoon, attend the procession.
In the morning, we will attend the Timket Ceremony. Leisure in the afternoon.
Drive to Arba Minch. En route visit the rift valley lakes and Dorze village. O/N hotel
Drive to Jinka. En route have a stop at KEY AFER market to meet the Tsemay, Bena, and Ari tribes with their colorful costumes. O/N hotel
Drive to Mago National Park to meet the Mursi tribes with a lip plate and drive back to Jinka.O/N hotel
Drive to Turmi with a stop at Dimeka and meet the Hamer tribes in the market.O/n camping
In the morning, drive to Omorate to meet the Dasenech tribes crossinb the OMO River on a wooden boat. O/N camping
Drive to Arba Minch via Erbore village and meet the people there. O/N hotel
Drive to Wondo Genet, where you can enjoy the natural hot spring water and many birds in the forest. O/N hotel
Drive back to Addis Ababa. Farewell folkloric dinner with dances and musics from different regions. Be transferred to the airport for final departure.

Price per person is $1998USD
Accommodation - 4* in Addis Ababa and the best available hotels outside.
Minimum 3 and maximum 10 people Check Availability

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