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Bird Watching Tour in Ethiopia (Feb. 1-18, 2013)
Ethiopia's Rift Valley lakes support an amazing variety of bird species. The country's geographical diversity has enabled her for the enjoyment of so diverse and so colorful birds. Ethiopia boasts 862 bird species, of which 17 are endemic, and 13 are semi-endemic. Whether in the high- land forests or plateau, near the lakes, or in the lowlands, Ethiopia is really a paradise for bird watchers. Though it is possible to have a birding tour through out the year, the best time is between October and March Join the group.

Fixed Departure Itinerary
Feb. 1
Arrival in Addis Ababa and be transferred to your hotel. Overnight hotel (4 stars)
Feb. 2
Drive to Jemma Valley for birding. Overnight hotel
Drive to Awash National Park. The National Park has over 350 species of birds that have been recorded in this savannah grassland. These include the Abyssinian roller, Abyssinian Ground Horn Bill, the endemic White Tailed Swallow, Buff Created Bustard, Dark chanting Goshawk, Pygmy Falcon, Honey guide, Woodland Kingfisher, Kori Bustard, Black shouldered Kite, White and Crowned Rosy Patch Shrike, Carmine Bee eater, Orange billed Parrot, Lilac Breasted Roller, Lappet faced and Ruppell’s vulture. Overnight Awash Falls Lodge (2 nights)
Feb. 4
We spend the day birding in Awash National Park. Overnight Awash Falls Lodge
Feb. 5
Drive to Langano and birding on the way birding along the shores of the Lake Zway and Lake Langano.O/N hotel
Feb. 6
Today, we’ll spend birding on the shores of Lake Abiyata and Shala and then drive back to Langano for overnight.O/N hotel
Feb. 7
Drive to Bale Mountains passing through the farmlands of Southeast Ethiopia, we will stop at different places to see endemic birds of Ethiopia. We expect to see the following endemic birds: the Spot breasted Plover, Rouget’s rail, Abyssinian cat bird, Black Winged love bird. Overnight hotel(3 nights)
Feb. 8
In the morning, after breakfast, we will drive on to the Afro-Alpine setting of the Sanetti Plateau, home to the endemic Simien Fox and the beautiful Spot- breasted plover. With some patience and a touch of luck, we should also be able to see the rare Wattled crane. Overnight hotel
Feb. 9
We will spend the day birding in the Bale Mountains Harena forest and Dinsho.O/N hotel
Feb. 10
Passing through Bulbul and Karjok, we will overnight at Negele. Here we will spot the endemic Prince Ruspolis Turaco and Sidamo Lark. We will spend the rest of the day birding around. O/N hotel (2 nights)
Feb. 11
Today we will spend the day birding around Negele Borena. O/N hotel
Feb. 12
Drive to Yabelo while birding on your way. Overnight Hotel (2 nights)
Feb. 13
Today we will spend birding around Yabelo.O/N hotel
Feb. 14
Drive to Awassa for overnight while birding on your way. Overnight Hotel (4 stars)
Feb. 15
Birding on the shores of Lake Awassa, and then we will drive to Wondo Genet. Overnight hotel (2 nights)
Feb. 16
We’ll spend the day birding in the forests of Wondo Genet. Enjoy the rest of the day in the natural hot spring water. Overnight hotel
Feb. 17
Drive back to Addis Ababa while birding on the way. Overnight hotel (4 stars)
Feb. 18
Be transferred to the airport for your final departure.

Price per person for 2 pax is $3312USD
Price per person for 3 pax is $2685USD
Accommodation - 4* in Addis Ababa and the best available hotels outside.
Minimum 2 people Check Availability

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