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Historical Attractions in Ethiopia

Ethiopia's history traces back to 3,000 years to the time of Queen of Sheba. It is old beyond ones imagination. Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Bahir Dar, and Harar are among the leading historical attractions.

Axum Stele Axum
Axum was the capital of Ethiopia for about 10 centuries. It was among the four powerful kingdoms of the world during the 1st and 6th centuries.

The giant Monolithic Stele of Axum,hewn from a single granite rock during the 2nd century, are incredible.Among them the largest one measures 33 meters and fell down for unkown reason.The other,still standing, measures 23 meteres from the earth.

In 326 A.D.,King Ezana accepted christianity officially and constructed the first church on the land of Africa in Axum.The original Ark of the Covenant which is brought by Emperor Menelik I, the son of Queen of Sheba & King Solomon of Israel,resides in the chapel next to St. Mary of Zion Church.

Lasta, Lalibela
In the 11th century, power transferred from Axum to Lasta, Roha, with a different dynasty called Zagwe. St.George church Roha became the capital for about three centuries.

The 11 rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, that were carved out from a single rock by king Lalibela (1181-1221) during the 13th century are magnificent.

Lasta was the seat for the famous Prester John who was a king and a priest during the 12th century.

Fasiledas Castle After the restoration of the Solomonic dynasty, Gondar became the permanent seat for the Kings of Ethiopia for about 200 years. The 17th and 18th century castles of Gondar,considered as the camelot of Africa,are one of the eight UNESCO world heritage sites.
King Fasilades (1636-67) poineered the construction of these castles after controling power from his father. For the first time in Ethiopian history, the Gondarians used lime as a plaster for their construction.

Lake Tana Bahir Dar & Lake Tana
Lake Tana,the largest crater lake in Ethiopia, is full of island Monasteries and Churches. Most of the churches are very old, dating back to the 13th century. They have wealthy collections such as old crowns made of gold and silver, original wall paintings on a canvas which has Ethiopian style, old books (Parchments) made of goat skin, crosses and other church materials.

Hyena Feeding Harar
The old walled city of Harar is known for its colorful market and the scene of hyena feeding.Harar is the fourth holiest place in Islam. There are about 99 Shrines and mosques.The town is encircled by walls with main five gates from different directions.

The customs and living style of the Harari people is among the attractions in Harar.

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